No, no one needs alcohol on campus. It will only lead to problems, and the university will be held responsible.”
Garrett Lindsey, freshman geo-science major

I don’t think it matters whether they repeal the ban or not, because it’s a college campus full of students around that age. Alcohol is going to come to campus regardless.”
Daniel Armstrong, junior physics major

No, because this is a learning establishment, not a party house. If you need a beer or drink to wind down at night, get a cab and go to the bar.”
Angelica Harris, sophomore biology major

I think that it should be the students’ choice, but there should be separate refrigerators with locks to hold alcohol if there are students under the legal drinking age living in the dorm.”
Terry Mitchell, sophomore art major

No, they should not repeal the ban of alcohol because everyone is supposed to attend college for an education.”
Caitlin Nelms, sophomore psychology major