You may have noticed it’s about time for another Nerdy for Newbies. Haha, not this time. I like to keep you on your toes.

I’ve noticed some gamers are up in arms about downloadable content, or DLC, which is a fairly new development in the gaming community. For those of you who have never encountered this concept, it’s additional content for a game that is made available for download after the game has already been released.

The value of said content kind of varies by the company that releases it. Some games, like Bungie’s “Destiny,” come out with new content and still feel incomplete. Other games, like the venerable “Mass Effect” or “Skyrim,” pump out a lot of DLC for already beautiful games, making them all crisp and shiny. It makes the game even better when the game itself could’ve stood alone without it.

The general argument against DLC is that it’s just there to reel in more money. It’s obviously true, because companies like BioWare wouldn’t make it far without charging for what they make, but some companies are really in it just for the cash. They push their game through the creation process as fast as possible, seeing dollar signs, and then they just release DLC after DLC to sweeten the pot.

That’s not everyone, however. Just look at the “Citadel” DLC for “Mass Effect 3.” If anyone says it wasn’t worth the chunk of change they charged to be able to say goodbye to those wonderful characters, they’re delusional. Equal parts cheesy and heart-wrenching, it was the closure I most definitely needed for the series.

From Mass Effect Wiki.

From Mass Effect Wiki.

So, before you look at a recently released DLC and turn your nose up at those “capitalist pigs,” try to see what they’re doing with it in the first place. Are they making up for a shoddy game by tossing us scraps? Is there quality to what they’ve released? Do your favorite characters get another chance to pop in and socialize? Are the bosses any good? Is there a boss? What about cutscenes?

“Jaws of Hakkon,” the DLC for hit game “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” is where most people are getting caught up. As I, a PS4 player, must wait until May to play, I can’t give you the best governing tips about this, but I’ve bought every DLC available for the “Mass Effect” games thus far with no regrets, and they’re both run by BioWare. Even so, I’ve never bought any of the DLC for the “Dragon Age” games, not even Shale’s (*gasp*).

I will be buying “Jaws of Hakkon” despite what I’ve heard, but you don’t have to be a blind follower like me. My advice for anyone about to hit up a DLC is looking at what people in the forums — the trenches — have to say about it. But keep your eyes open. If one gamer says yay, don’t throw your money down immediately. Check out reviews on IGN or in Game Informer. I’m writing for a new site that gives reviews as well, PixelFAQ. There are so many resources out there that weren’t around when I was a wee gamer crying about Aerith.

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So there you have it, folks, my simple advice: Do research. I know; I can hear you say, “I’m feeling lazy,” or, “But I’m already at Game Stop.” There will come a time in every gamer’s life when they make the wrong choice and dump tons of money into a game. It’s okay. It’s all part of growing up.

Dang it, now I’ve got to go watch the Pokemon movie. Enjoy your holiday like I plan to.

Smell ya later, readers.