A new feature was recently added to APSU’s OneStop called My Future. The new program will work with Degree Compass (a popular feature on OneStop that helps students pick what classes they should sign up for) in helping students with their future in college and after college.

While Degree Compass uses students’ transcripts to pick which classes they are best suited for, My Future helps students decide which major fits them the most.

The My Future program includes a description of the student’s current major, contact information to learn more about that major, jobs the student would qualify for with that major, degree options, help with a four-year plan and a list of recommended majors for the student.

Some students find the new feature helpful while others are still confused on what the program does.

“At first when I found out about it, I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but after a while it started to make more sense and helped steer me in the right direction. It showed me what options were open for me related to my major and gave me a brief outlook and sense of hope that even though people say that field doesn’t have any jobs, I can open up the My Future tab and be reassured that it, in fact, does,” said Liz Howie, a freshman.

Another freshman, Sara Raines, said “I’m not sure what the program does or how to use it, but it sounds helpful and I look forward to learning more about it.”