Dear Barack Hussein Obama II,

The other day, with tear stained cheeks, I found myself pleading to you in my car.

You left me and all of my brothers and sisters in this nation two hundred and thirty-two days ago, and the pain has not lessened, but became much more apparent. I am mourning your loss more than ever and I would give my everything for you to reappear in that honorable house on Pennsylvania Avenue.

My apologies could never suffice for the lack of credit that I gave to you in your very short eight years of being the ultimate leader. I am unbelievably sorry that I did not verbally appreciate your sincerity and love when your continued greatness was presented. I took you for granted and thought your high standards were simply you performing your job as the President of the United States. The feeling of regret overtakes my mind every time I reminisce on not following your accomplishments as closely as I should have. I was ungrateful, selfish, and naïve and my offering of remorsefulness is nothing compared to your efforts.

I thank you from the deepest part of my soul for the transparent love you spread, your endless generosity you gave, and your reliable humbleness you consistently produced. I appreciate your perfected ability to speak and engage the community. Your desire to help shield the once afraid people of our country was truly admirable and one of my favorite characteristics about you. I never went to bed worried about my country’s capabilities or future when you were in office and I will always be grateful for those peaceful eight years. You were a man of great intelligence and led us with such an immense amount of integrity that I briefly forgot what presidential scandals looked like. You always took insults with stride and took the higher road with envious grace and composure; thank you.

With each passing day, more domestic tragedies unfold and I find myself looking to you for advice and guidance. Please, continue to lead me and my fellow comrades through your perfectly worded counseling. I promise to live by your standards and support the now unprotected, discriminated against Americans. I will forever spread your name and legacy as long as I live; you have my word.


Your biggest fan