In the span of three days, from Sept. 21 to Sept. 24, a total of 17 vehicles were broken in and stolen from.

Most of the robberies occurred in the apartments near Dunbar Cave Road and Fairview Lane area.

Although the crimes did not take place on campus, it is only a matter of time as Dunbar Cave Road is a few miles from APSU.

The most pressing matter is that of the 17 vehicles, 16 were unlocked and had no sign of forced entry.

Of the reported thefts, objects such as “personal documents, credit cards or wallets” were taken.

In addition, there was “clothing, laptop, stereo and car parts stolen.”

Credit cards carried off were either used locally or in Nashville before the owners could cancel the cards.

One individual was robbed during the short trip into the gas station.

The individual discovered their iPhone missing once they returned.

Discourage theft by locking vehicles and tucking personal belongings away.



Classes are long, and parking lots are generally empty of people.

There are nearly 40 parking lots available on campus and most do not have security cameras.

According to campus Police Chief, Michael J. Kasitz, the cameras are a “preventative measure” and that unlocked cars lead to “crime[s] of opportunity.”

Kasitz strongly discourages leaving valuables out in the open as by taking this preventative step, criminals will have less incentive to break in.

There were two instances recently of vehicles broken into on campus.

One of the cars, Kasitz said, was “unlocked and the other revealed no forced entry.”

No matter the circumstance, Kasitz strongly emphasizes the importance of “always [locking] your car.”

Criminals will target unlocked vehicles as they will not produce sound when broken into.

Even if you feel safe in your surroundings, Kasitz advises, “locks keep honest people honest.”

Whether it be at home, at a store or on campus the risk is everywhere.

Do you and your belongings a favor; lock your car before heading to class.