» By CONOR SCRUTON – cscruton@my.apsu.edu

Since I got some exercise traveling to the Clarksville Greenway in last week’s column, I felt I should reward myself this week. So I decided to indulge in some sweets at The Sweetest Batch.

The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery is a highly rated cupcake shop located at 2237 Lowes Dr. If you’re afraid of getting lost — like I did — that’s just off Trenton Road. Driving away from Wilma Rudolph Boulevard, Lowes Drive is immediately on the right after crossing 101st Airborne Parkway bypass.

The Sweetest Batch has become a popular dessert spot and was voted best bakery and cupcake shop in Clarksville’s 2011 March of Dimes competition. The bakery has received a 75 percent rating from restaurant review site www.urbanspoon.com and a four-star rating on yellowpages.com. Having tasted their cupcakes, I completely agree with this praise.

Open Tuesday through Saturday, The Sweetest Batch specializes in “jumbo” cupcakes which can be pre-ordered or picked up on the spot. Cupcakes are initially $3.75 each, but The Sweetest Batch offers military and student discounts to lower the price. I suggest going to their website www.thesweetestbatchcupcakery.com to check the menu schedule, as their selection changes from day to day. The website also provides pictures and information on each of The Sweetest Batch’s cupcake flavors, which number more than 60.

I tried a cupcake called Campfire Delight, which was chocolate mixed with a graham cracker and cinnamon. It was fantastic, but I should mention when the menu says “jumbo” cupcakes, it’s no joke. Two people could easily split one cupcake, which makes the price seem much more reasonable. As a matter of fact, I split mine with a friend and still had enough to give away after the two of us were full.

The Sweetest Batch is also incredibly easy to use for special events. You save money by buying at least a dozen, and the shop charges nothing extra to customize cupcakes for a birthday party or other occasion. The bakery also has a deal with Sango Village Florist to get flowers and cupcakes delivered together at a reduced price.

I’ll admit I’m not much of a dessert enthusiast. I prefer good food with a modest dessert afterward. Nonetheless, I would be more than willing to travel back to The Sweetest Batch at some point. The cupcakes are great, and while the bakery is more suited for to-go orders, there are a few tables and the atmosphere is as pleasant as you would expect a “cupcakery” to be.
For anyone with a sweet tooth, The Sweetest Batch is definitely a place to visit. TAS