» By CONOR SCRUTON – cscruton@my.apsu.edu

In my travels this week, I possibly had the most fun of any of my columns this semester. It wasn’t because I learned of a new part of Clarksville, but rather because I enjoy going to the Clarksville Greenway that much.

With spring officially arriving, I figured it was about time to explore ways to get fresh air around Clarksville. I come from a family of distance runners, and my sister has been telling me about the Greenway for years. When I finally got out there, I definitely wasn’t disappointed, and I’m sure any outdoor enthusiast will feel the same.

The Clarksville Greenway is located at the end of Pollard Road, off Peacher’s Mill Road, making for roughly a 10-minute drive from the APSU campus.

The trail is currently about 4.5 miles from end to end, and is being extended. The path is wide enough to accommodate all patrons, and the asphalt allows for a “trail run” feel without the uneven terrain.

Even in hotter weather, the majority of the path is shaded all hours of the day, making it a refreshing place to exercise or just go for a casual walk. There are bench swings at some of the more scenic spots, which are perfect for stopping and relaxing for a while.

While you’ll find mostly pedestrians at the Greenway, the trail is also very pet and bike friendly. The Greenway’s entrance appears in the middle of the trail; to the left, there are about two miles of fairly flat path where you’ll find most families and casual walkers. The path to the right is 2.6 miles long and usually less crowded. If you choose this route, be ready to battle a few serious hills on your way. Even for an experienced runner, the steep grades on this side of the Greenway can be tough at the end of a long workout, and bikers may want to dismount completely and walk some stretches.

The Greenway is hardly a well-kept secret. It’s a popular family spot, and on really nice days you may have to park on the side of the road because it’s so crowded.

Nonetheless, even at its busiest times, the Greenway has always been wide open for me. Just be sure you are courteous to other patrons and follow the rules of the park. Park guidelines and other info can be found at cityofclarksville.com/parks&rec, and on signs at the Greenway. If you still haven’t gotten around to that New Years’ resolution, now is the perfect time of year to go get some exercise. TAS