» By Sydney Scivally
Staff Writer
Computer science students will soon have the option of a new degree concentration.
Last month, the Tennessee Board of Regents created a new computer networking concentration in the existing Bachelor of Science. The decision was reached after students expressed interest in a degree with a computer networking curriculum. The department to receive, TBR approval for the concentration in less than six months.

The concentration will be more extensive than the minor, requiring 40 hours where the minor only needs 21. Students will study the technology and skills needed for networking, including wireless networking, security and applications such as email and file transferring.

“[The new concentration] will help computer programers learn real-world skills that will help them corporation-wide and freelance-wide,” said student Candice Snow, a student at APSU. Students who graduate with a computer networking concentration can potentially work for any business with a computer network as a manager or programmer. At APSU, there are five network specialists. Stephanie Taylor, a computer science major and APSU graduate, is the network manager. The concentration itself requires a minor, but the minors can be in any department. Additionally, the only math requirement for the concentration are core math classes. “We’re excited here because some two-year schools have programs in networking,” said Bruce Myers, the chair for the computer science department. “We think we’ll provide them a place to get a degree.” The new concentration will be implemented in the fall of 2014. Any student who chooses to enroll in the concentration will need to meet the requirements for the 2014 catalog.
The classes are not available online, so the students will need to use the lab to complete classwork. Students with questions can call the Department of Computer Science at 931-221-7840. TAS