>>Valerie McAllister, staff writer


Everyone has their own idea of what college is prior to even getting there. You know those people who think they have it all figured out even though they’ve never lived it?

Yeah, those people.

They can make college seem like you’re going to walk into an inferno, or they can make you think you’re walking straight into a movie-like social scene.

1     VS     2

But, like everything, once you’re actually a part of the action, you quickly form your own opinions and begin to curse those who made college seem like something it wasn’t.

Like those freakin’ people who told me I had to make perfect grades, drink, sleep around, be a part of Greek life, do everything I don’t do anyway …

You always hear college is a huge social scene where you have to get drunk every night to be cool. However, two months away from graduation, my Friday nights usually consist of studying on the couch with a bag of popcorn while Lifetime movies play in the background.


Four years ago, when I graduated high school, I was not ready for college. I don’t party, I don’t socialize, and I was told there was bad food.

So not the case.

The food in college is like a Thanksgiving feast every day of the year! Way to make a chunky girl feel as though the “Freshman 15” is inevitable.


You also hear about how you must have your major figured out as a freshman.

So, I’m supposed to believe that at age 18 my whole life must be planned out, down to my wedding date, firstborn child, and death? But you know, you could end up like me: on my fifth major and still not sure what you want to do.


All in all, everyone will have a completely different college experience. Don’t let anyone psych you out, but don’t let them give you an unrealistic fantasy ideal of college.

Make college yours, not what you think it should be.

It’s ok if your story isn’t exactly like someone else’s.