By: Kenneth Lilly

Staff Writer

Cody Tucker, former senior fullback for the Govs football team, went to court Thursday, Jan. 10 for the continuation of his ongoing trial stemming from his arrest for allegedly selling two vials of approximately 500 milligrams of liquid testosterone to a confidential source in a controlled sale conducted by Montgomery County Drug Task Force agents on Sept. 18, 2012.
While the court session started at 9 a.m. Tucker’s case was not brought up until approximately 10:30 a.m. Tucker will be attending one more court date, on Feb. 11, at which the District Attorney assigned to his case will be revealing a settlement reached between Tucker and Montgomery County. Tucker’s attorney, Kimberly Turner, refused comment, and instead stated that in two weeks she would be making comment on the case. Tucker, and his mother and father, who were present also declined comment on the case.