Frankie Cosmos, born Greta Kline, made her debut in the early 2010s on Bandcamp. She is the daughter of actor Kevin Kline and actress Phoebe Cates.

The full act is made up of Frankie Cosmos, Lauren Martin, Luke Pyenson and Alex Bailey.

She has four full length albums to date. The newest release being “Close it Quietly.”

Topping it off at 21 tracks, this turns out to be Kline’s longest studio album to date. “Next Thing”, 2016, “Vessel”, 2018, and “Zentropy”, 2014, round out with 15,18 and 10, respectively.

Kline’s soft, indie-pop from her previous albums continues into this newest release. 

Kline has always painted vivid images with her lyrics and this one is no different. “I wanna give you all my marbles,” from the track “Marbles” takes an old saying about losing one’s mind and puts it in somewhat of a brighter light. She’d rather give something away than just lose it.

“Rings (On A Tree)” goes on with Kline telling someone that she realizes she should not have been holding out for someone who would only care about themselves. 

Tracks like “Never Would” and “Self-Destruct” show that Kline seems to be trying to focus on herself, however, there is always someone else asking “what about me?”

The tone that Kline uses in the later part of the album seems to shift into a more loving one. In “Did You Find”, She sings “Did you find/ That in this one/ We are meant to keep passing each other by?” She makes it out that she knows this person, she is not sure how, and they keep passing by never really meeting. 

Kline goes on to take a small stab to the music world in “A Hit” by singing “Every song is a hit/ If you pretend to understand it.” Calling out the supposed “posers” of the music world by saying they do not understand what the music is trying to say and that they can just listen without looking into the deeper meaning of a song.

The last track of the album is “This Swirling” and it talks about how “You didn’t look at me at all” and goes on to show how Kline is battling with inner turmoil but no one sees her. She repeats the lines “I will die crying/ I will cry dying/ I will try crying” over and over again throughout the song. She feels as though this is her forever and it is not going to change because no one sees her.

“Close It Quietly” is an album about being reborn and growing from the mess of what was the past.