Clarksville, Tennessee, is one of the worst college towns according to a recent study published by

Clarksville placed 264 out of 326, seated between Miramar, Florida, and Huntington Beach, California.

Of the 326 cities or towns the study ranked, seven were in Tennessee: Nashville at rank 33, Knoxville at rank 48, Murfreesboro at rank 109, Johnson City at rank 154, Chattanooga at rank 211, Memphis at rank 255 and Clarksville ranking the lowest of these at 264.

The cities and towns were given an overall score determined by their wallet wellness, youth-oriented environment and opportunities.

Clarksville’s overall score was 36.76 ranking 129 in wallet wellness, 227 in youth-oriented environment and 300 in opportunities.

Wallet wellness defines how expensive it is to live in a specific city in terms of housing cost, average monthly fitness club fee and education cost.

Youth-oriented environment defines how friendly the city or town is to college-age students in terms of nightlife options, gender balance and number of cafés, sports clubs and shopping centers per 100,000 residents.

Opportunities defines how many avenues are available for students following graduation in terms of quality of education, earning potential for people with a bachelor’s degree, percentage of part-time jobs and the unemployment rate.

Read more about the survey’s methodology and results here.

Source: WalletHub