Last week on Sept. 30, 2020, the Human Resources Department hosted “Civic Engagement 101: Elections and You,” with Political Science Professor Kevin Baron. The event was hosted virtually on Zoom.

Baron discussed the basic steps and non-partisan information behind voting. He also reminded the campus that the deadline to register to vote in Tennessee was Oct. 5, 2020.

The campus can now look forward to early voting which is through Oct. 14 to Oct. 29. However, dates and hours of polling locations will vary in different regions.

Early voting locations and times will also be posted at one’s respective County Election Commission Office. For absentee voters, absentee ballots requests must be received by Oct. 27.

Absentee ballots should also be returned and received to the correct County Election Commission Office by Nov. 3.

Should anyone need help finding their County Election Commission Office, or more resources, they can find these answers on the Tennessee Secretary of State’s website.

Other resources also include GoVoteTn, Ballotpedia, Turbovote, and Vote411. The Federal Voter Assistance Program is also a resource for service members of the military and military families.

Aside from resources, Baron also suggested other ways that students could partake in civic engagement. Educating oneself and contacting legislators, commissioners, mayors, and other politicians in your district is one way to become an active and informed voter.

For more information, links to all the mentioned resources and programs can be found at