APSU’s Chamber Singers went on tour during Spring Break, performing at several churches, high schools and at the Governors Gathering Alumni Event in Atlanta. The group ended their tour in Nashville at the APSU Candlelight Ball.

The choir goes on tour every year. Previously, they have been to Cincinnati, Ohio and Chicago.

Susannah White, junior music education and vocal major, has been a part of Chamber Singers since her freshman year.

This year the Singers’ set included foreign songs, including some in Russian, Church Slavonic and Haitian Creole.

“I think it is really important for students to be exposed to different cultures,” White said. “That is one way choir has been really beneficial for me.”

Korre Foster, director of choral activities, said learning foreign songs can be difficult for American students.

“It is always challenging working with individuals with foreign languages,” Foster said. “[…] Which is why it is always a good idea for people to travel and learn a different language. Once you learn one foreign language, it opens your mind to the intricacies of others.”

The set included songs such as “Avoonan dbishmayya,” the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, and “F’t Chanp’t,” a Haitian song named after a cultural holiday in Haiti.

White said her favorite performance was at a service in Crossville.

“We were really making music, we were all connected,” White said.

Taylor Harrell, freshman chemistry major, is also a member of Chamber Singers.

“[The tour] was super fun, I was really excited to spend nine days with my closest friends,” Harrell said.

Harrell’s favorite song to perform was the Cherubic Hymn in Russian.

“Something about a deep chest voice unified through the choir is my favorite sound,” Harrell said. “It was slow, but really emotional.”

Harrell said she loves singing with Chamber singers.

“It’s the best part of my day, I live for it,” Harrell said. “I know I can go in there, drop everything, and make music I love with the people I love.”

Harrell took vlog style videos throughout the Georgia tour, and is working with a student from MTSU to edit them. The videos will be posted on YouTube on the APSU music page.

Foster has led Chamber Singers since 2009.

“We’ve gone all over the state of Tennessee with evening performances and recruiting in high schools,” Foster said.

The students enjoy visiting high schools and interacting with the soon to be college students.

“I have heard some students really enjoy the high school stops,” Foster said. “I probably agree with them. Our high school stops are very unique.”

Foster said the response to the tour was extremely positive.

“People across the state of Tennessee and Georgia were astounded by how good our choir was,” Foster said. Spectators were impressed by both the performance and the professionalism of the Chamber Singers.

Foster said anyone who is interested in auditioning for the choral ensembles at APSU can contact him.

“Everyone can sing in a choral ensemble no matter your major, it would count as an elective.” Foster said.