Dancing, music, singing and dirty humor combined onstage to produce the musical “Footloose” at APSU’s Trahern Theater from Wednesday, April 20 to Sunday, April 24.

The show was boisterous and high-spirited. It was apparent the actors and ensemble were having fun onstage, making the show even more enjoyable for the crowd.

Popular songs such as “Footloose,” “I Need a Hero” and “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” resonated with the audience, who bobbed and danced around in their seats.

The well-known story of “Footloose,” written by Dean Pitchford, follows Ren McCormack, a Chicago teen who is forced to move to the small town of Bomont after his father leaves him and his mother.

After moving to Bomont, Ren has trouble adjusting with the strict rules and religious customs and finds himself in trouble more than once.

Ren befriends the dumb but friendly Willard and takes an interest in the Reverend’s daughter, Ariel. Together, Ren and his friends take on the adults to throw a dance.

APSU Theater Professor Christopher Bailey directed the show while Dance Professor Margaret Rennerfeldt choreographed the dancing.

One outstanding highlight of the show was the live music, performed by Eric Carmen, Sammy Haggar, Kenny Loggins and Jim Steinman. The live music added to the quality of the show, but at points it was hard to hear the singing above the music.

Performers Nathan Brown, Jamila Hunter, Allison Ferebee and Steven Howie stood out for their singing and acting abilities.

“Footloose” won in many ways: an enthusiastic acting ensemble, exciting live music, energetic singing, well choreographed dancing and a fantastic set that was able to transform into many settings, including the town, the school, the train tracks and inside the homes of the families.

“Footloose” is the biggest production in the last few years at the APSU Theater and Dance Department and, consequently, it rocked the stage.