Campus police responded to the fire alarm going off in the Browning building at approximately 4:49 a.m on Sunday, Aug. 21. During the investigation, police observed the building had been broken into and vandalized.

After reviewing security camera footage, Joshua Napstad, 23, was arrested for two alleged counts of burglary and one alleged count of vandalism according to police reports.

Napstad had been arrested for public intoxication at the power plant prior to the investigation of the Browning building according to police reports.

His description matched the man seen in the security footage.

Security camera footage revealed a man kicking in one of the glass door entrances of Browning and using a fire extinguisher to damage other doors and windows, as well as discharging the building with fire retardant from the extinguisher.

The investigating officers, Sgt. Derrick Oliver and Officer Mark Johnson conducted a walk through of the area and noticed a large ceramic figure was thrown through the glass doors of the Woodward Library. There was also damage to the top of the water fountain in the front of the Woodward Library.

Napstad’s bond was set for $25,000 and $422 for the public intoxication charges.

Lantz Biles, director of Public Safety said the preliminary estimate of damage allegedly caused by Napstad is in the $10,000 range, but as of press time, Friday, Aug. 26, the total cost had not been received.

Biles said campus police has no information regarding a motive and Napstad does not have any connection to APSU.

“The institution is looking at several enhancements that will deter this type of incident in the future,” Biles said. TAS