Ben Folds, comedian Ron Funches, John Medeski, producer of the Bonnaroo Superjam Paul Peck and activist and snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler were all in a panel discussing activism and being yourself.

All the members of the panel spoke passionately about their interests.

For Bleiler it was snowboarding.

“I started snowboarding in 1991, back when it was just a fad,” said Bleiler. “I loved that part about snowboarding, it was very much about creativity and style.”

For Folds it was Bonnaroo.

“I snuck a selfie with Kenny Rogers… I jammed with Elton John…,” said Folds. “This is one of the best festivals in the world.”

For Funches it was comedy.

“I’m just going to do what I do,” said Funches. “If they like it, then I’m about it, if they don’t they can go f*** themselves. I just say what I really like, and if you get it, then you’re going to like it even more.”

Bleiler then went on to explain the work she does with non-profit organizations like Protect our Winters whose mission is to “…engage and mobilize the winter sports community to lead the fight against climate change,” according to the Protect our Winters official website.

Bonnaroo Superjam producer Paul Peck had an inside look at the upcoming Superjam set for Saturday night.

The Bonnaroo Superjam is a special concert held at Bonnaroo 2008 and every Bonnaroo festival since 2011 and it features many artists including Folds, ?uestlove, Chance the Rapper and Skrillex who get together and play songs around a central theme.

This year has been fairly secretive in terms of the artists who will headline the Superjam and the theme they will perform around, but Peck caved and revealed that the theme for the Bonnaroo 2015 Superjam will be ’80s.

“It’s a lot of work [producing the Superjam], but I think ultimately people are inspired to work with people they respect,” said Peck on how he gets artists interested in being a part of the Superjam. “Its all based on what can come out of the improv energy from a group of incredibly talented people.”

Performing at Bonnaroo is a special experience to the artists on the panel.

“[Having a good show] just reaffirms that you’re meant to do this, that you’re where you’re supposed to be,” said Funches. “I always feel like I can do better… but this just lets me know that I should continue on.”