» By BRITTANY WESTER – bwester2@my.apsu.edu

The Parks and Recreation administration of Clarksville completed the Clarksville Greenway on 1101 Pollard Rd. just a few years ago. Now the administration is starting on a new project, the Clarksville Blueway, adding a new venue for outdoor fun for Clarksville residents and visitors.

Clarksville Parks and Recreation will build the Blueway, which will be an access ramp and walkway down to the West Fork Red River and a spot for canoes and kayaks to be placed. Motorboats will not be allowed. The Blueway will begin on Tiny Town Road on the acre of land next to Dollar General.

The city received a grant that will cover most of the cost, so it will not cost the city any tax dollars. The materials for the walkway down to the river will be donated. The Parks & Recreation administration is in communication with Lowes on Madison Street as a possible donor.

Melissa Adkins, superintendent for the Parks and Recreation department, said the acre of land was big enough to include all the construction they have planned for the Blueway.

At the start of the Blueway will be a parking lot, followed by a walkway down to an area where people can place their boats.

After the construction of the parking lot and walkway to the river and spot for boats is completed, bathrooms and hiking trails will be added in the back portion of the property.

The bid opening for the construction will take place Wednesday, May 2.

“All bids will have to be turned in by May 12,” Adkins said. The bid will then be awarded to a company.

The company will have up to 120 days to complete the project. The project should be completed in the middle of August, under the worst-case scenario, Adkins said. TAS