This week is all about celebrating the films that were so bad they are actually entertaining.

It makes you realize that because you enjoyed how bad the movie was, does that mean it’s actually good? If you look at it from an entertaining aspect then yes, you will have a good time watching these movies with your friends. If you look at them from a critic’s point of view you will see how bad they actually are. Now that being said, these four films are so bad, but so awesome. I have personally watched all of them in a group setting and enjoyed each film.

So gather up some friends and get in the “right state of mind” for these awesomely terrible but surprisingly enjoyable movies.

Ok up first is the sequel to the 1980’s classic Airplane. Airplane 2 The Sequel starring Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty, the film follows a man trying to take control of a crippled airplane while fixing his relationship with his girlfriend. The film is full of missed jokes and jargon that never seem to make any sense, but the best part is definitely William Shatner.


The next film is the infamous Sharknado. So this film knows what its doing in the world of awesomely bad flicks. It took all the over the top aspects of Hollywood blockbusters and is making fun of them in a way that everyone can see. I feel if Michael Bay had to make a movie with the stipulation that he had to stay within SeaWorld, this is what he would come up with. The film caught me off guard because I knew I wasn’t in for an edge of my seat thriller, but I did find this movie very funny.


Just two more films on this list and the runner up for the most awesomely terrible but surprisingly enjoyable movie is Surf Nazis Must Die. Set on a California beach, gangs fight over who gets to surf what waves. Soon enough the beach is controlled by Nazi surfers with switchblade surf boards. The film is a low budget action comedy that is so over the top you will be crying.


The winner is Poultrygeist: Night Of The Chicken Dead. Picture a chain restaurant like McDonalds being over run by dead chickens wanting revenge for all the nuggets that they sold and you got this movie. Now where does the zombie aspect come in, well the restaurant was built on an ancient Indian burial ground. It’s from the same guy who brought us The Toxic Avenger so you can understand what this movie will be like.


That’s it for this week and as always less scrolling more watching Netflixers.