After going from Clarksville High School to APSU, Tiasha Gray’s basketball talents would take her past the 931 area code and halfway across the world to Sweden. However, despite the change in surroundings the 23-year-old is still excelling in her talents.

Gray has started in all 20 of her appearances for Mark Basket in Sweden’s Basketligan Dam. Across those appearances, Gray has been named Player of the Week once, 2nd Best Performer of the Week and 3rd Best Performer of the Week.

Gray averages 24 points per game, 7.3 rebounds per game and 5.3 assists per game. She also averages over 35 minutes per game. On the season the former Gov has hit 44.6 percent of her 2-point shots and scored 492 points through 20 games. She has made 78 percent of her shots from the line since crossing the Atlantic.

Gray excels not only in scoring as she has recored 144 total rebounds and 105 assists in her time in Sweden. In addition to that, she has five blocks and 74 steals. Gray has reached all these numbers across 705 minutes on the court.

Gray’s talents have been cited as lockdown defense, great vision, great decision making and an explosive speed. Gray, and her team, Mark Basket, will take the court on Wednesday, March 22 in the league’s quarterfinals against Telge Basketball.