Fifty-seven teams competed in APSU’s annual SGA sponsored Mud Bowl 2016. “APSU’s dirtiest tradition” provides good, clean fun for all students, to help them let go of the stresses of college life for a few hours.

“Mud Bowl allows for the students to forget about all their responsibilities for a day and just play in the mud for a bit,” SGA President Ryan Honea said.

Student government organizers also partake in the event they help make a reality. The SGA works with the Clarksville Fire Department to make the amount of mud necessary to fill the volleyball courts.

Almost 200 people were in attendance for the muddy volleyball competition, where three teams are crowned champions. One team from the men’s, women’s and co-ed groups walk away as the victors. Post-victory piles are a traditional way of celebrating a Mud Bowl win.

This year, the winning teams were:

  • KA Crimson – Men’s Division
  • Harambe – Women’s Division
  • ADPikes – Co-ed division

The annual Mud Bowl is sponsored by the SGA and accounts for $6,290 of their budget. That money pays for the water from the fire department, as well as the student T-Shirts.

“From the competitiveness of the mud volleyball court to the post-victory piles,” Honea said, “it’s become clear just how much this event means to APSU students. We’re proud to host it every year.”