The Asian Studies Club was established roughly three years ago.

“We have a promising amount of students within our club!  We have members old and new which have added up to approximately more than 25 students,” ASC president Paris Terrell said.

The ASC aims to share a common interest in Asian culture and appreciate diversity across campus.

“A typical Asian Studies Club meeting involves lively discourse about upcoming Asian festivals and major campus events, interesting cultural fundraisers, cultural spotlights, club get-together information such as movie nights, and listening to the voices of our club members and their shared interest in Asia,” Terrell said.

The ASC volunteered in the Memphis Japanese Festival on Sept. 30.

Future events in which the ASC will participate include G.H.O.S.T, club movie nights and other events related to Asian Studies.

The Asian Studies Club’s history goes back to 2015.

“We thank the wonderful professors and instructors who educate students about Asian studies on campus,” Terrell said.

“Also, [we thank] the dedicated students who have helped the Asian Studies club thrive in the past.”

The ASC meets every other Wednesday in MUC, room 306.

The next meeting is Oct. 3 at 3:30-4:30 p.m.

To get involved, you may simply attend a club meeting, or email Paris Terrell at “There is a lot in store this semester and we need a lot of help,” Terrell said.