APSU’s Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center began it’s spring semester technology rentals on Monday, Jan. 25. This year, the WNDAACC has in total four PCs, five net books, two TI-86 and 95 TI-83 calculators for students to rent, which can be seen in the graphic to the right.

“I had no idea about the technology rentals but I think it is a really useful resource for students,” said freshman undeclared major Abby Terlecki.

To check out technology, students are required to sign a contract and provide their student ID and a copy of their class schedule.

Students must also be in good borrowing status with the WNDAACC to be eligible. Rentals are free and will occur on a first-come, first-serve basis.

While in possession of the technology, students are prohibited from copying or manipulating the software or allowing anyone other than themselves to use it.

The technology is due on the last day of classes and must remain in acceptable condition. Students are responsible for replacing lost or damaged technology.

If the technology is not returned by May 6, a hold for the price of the technology will be placed on the student’s account until it is returned.

If students do not comply with these terms they will be unable to rent technology from any facility for the rest of their time at APSU.

Headphones are also available for check-out from the WNDAACC but may not leave the facility.

Students must give the front desk their student ID which will be returned when the headphones are returned.

Students may also check out Macs, PCs and headphones from the library at any time during the year.

To rent technology from the library, students must give the front desk their student IDs and remain in the library while using the technology.