–Katelyn Clark, Features Editor

Yesterday was the anniversary of September 11, 2001; the day the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City collapsed due to a two hijacked airplanes crashing into each one.

All across the nation, people came together to mourn and remember. This day has become a memorial; one that America will never forget.

APSU students reflected and remembered their thoughts and experiences from this unforgettable moment in America’s history. Student, Nick Oberg said, “I think that 9/11 was very eye opening for America. It’s like everyone froze for a day and realized that there is a bigger picture than the life Americans live every day.”

Amber Hutcheson said, “9/11 is a very sad day for everyone. Even though I did not lose anyone that day, I have a lot of sympathy for the families that lost someone. It humbles me to know that people still care for the families by going to New York and putting flowers on the wall. Our nation really came together as a whole and our country will still keep fighting for our freedom. “

Students, like Hannah Powell, represented America by wearing red, white, and blue. “I wear these colors because it shows the pride I have for my country.”

Elizabeth Clark, student at APSU, emphasized the importance in remembering when she said, “As the years keep passing since that tragic day, it’s saddening to realize the new generations don’t fully understand the pain and impact 9/11 had on our country. That’s why I think it’s so important to remember not only the event that happened, but all the lives of the people that risked everything for people they probably had never met.”

Many students were old enough to remember that day twelve years ago. Student, Matthew Swift said, “I do remember being very confused because I wasn’t really sure what had happened until someone explained it to me. It was scary stuff.”

So, did that day change America for the better or for the worse?

APSU students had an answer. Haley Clay said, “For worse. Although it heightened security in airports and made it less likely for another attack to happen, it can never make up for the number of people we lost and the families that were affected.”

Student, Lauren Forbes said, “Better because it showed that America will stay together no matter what. But, also worse, because we lost so many people and that will always have a lasting effect on America.”

Andrew Thompson said, “For many of us directly affected by the events on 9/11, September 11 is now a day of remembrance. Not of villains or monsters, but of heroes and loved ones. A select few may have caused such chaos and destruction, but on the anniversary of 9/11, we remember the countless brave souls who helped put the pieces back together.”

APSU will never forget.