As the temperature cools down and leaves start to fall, students look forward to one thing: fall break.

As some students are going to Destin Beach, others plan on going home for a nice weekend getaway with the family.

That’s just what JoLynn Tyner, freshman, is doing over her fall break.

Tyner is a physics major, and plans to use her degree to become a Research Physicist. Tyner chose to attend APSU rather than MTSU, because she went to Governor’s School for Computational Physics, and loved her professors.

Although she’d rather go somewhere extravagant over the break to hang with friends to please her adventurous persona, she understands family time is important. Her fall break ritual is usually the same: going to Arkansas to visit her aunt. But now she’s away from home, she’s adding visiting her family before seeing her aunt in Arkansas.

The one thing she misses most about leaving home is that she had to leave her cat, Abby, who she rescued from an animal shelter when she was in the 7th grade. Her plans for the extended weekend include going to the Memphis Zoo, as it reminds her of her childhood. She also says she’ll be brushing up on her physics notes so she’ll be ready for class.

“I feel like I have a lot of momentum built up around my studies and if I stop studying it could be difficult picking back up,” Tyner said.