Kaila Sewell | Staff Writer

Should pepper spray be allowed on campus or not?

According to the poll currently active at www.theallstate.org, 80 percent of students think it should be allowed. I definitely agree and, to be frank, I really think it’s silly the parking lots are so dark and far away from everything, that one would feel the need to carry pepper spray for protection.

I certainly didn’t feel the need for it in high school, but I feel the need to carry pepper spray in college. I have no desire to find myself alone, in the dark and unprotected. In reality, it is a very possible situation, particularly for someone who lives on campus or has night classes.

Although weapons aren’t allowed on school grounds, pepper spray appears to be a practical, non-lethal and effective alternative for a person who wants to be prepared.

During my research for this article, I wasn’t able to find a single website or source discrediting the advantages of pepper spray or which pointed to negative aspects of its use for personal safety.

Pepper spray does its job effectively. The idea is to spray your assailant in the face with an air-condensed can of water mixed with cayenne pepper and other chemicals, causing temporary blindness and allowing the victim time to run away and seek help after an attempted assault.

Pepper spray is a logical option in preventing rape, kidnappings, murders and assaults. Support the approval of pepper spray on campus and let’s do what we can to keep assaults from happening at APSU. TAS