>>By Ashten Burns, Guest Writer

Many college students apply and compete for internships, whether it be local or international. But one APSU student landed herself an internship among Hollywood stars for the 2015 year.

Bailey Kirkpatrick, 22, studies broadcast media. In December 2014, Kirkpatrick announced she had been chosen and accepted her second internship from NBC to work with E! News as a segment producing intern.

“I am beyond blessed for this opportunity. California is a place that I have always longed to go,” Kirkpatrick said.

Although this is her second time working with NBC, it is her first time going to Los Angeles. Thousands of miles lie between Clarksville and Los Angeles. Some people would resort to flying, but Kirkpatrick drove the distance.

“I drove from Tennessee to get here, and that experience alone was life changing,” Kirkpatrick said. “The sites are incredible. This world is so big, and it made me want to travel more.”

When she made it to California, she was expecting a big city and streets filled with stars. “Los Angeles is not what people think it is, either,” Kirkpatrick said. “I first thought that it was going to be all beautiful people and all city. There is only one strip that is city, and the rest is more suburban. The people are normal, and there is so much culture and diversity here.”

While her classmates at APSU attend classes and balance social lives, Kirkpatrick spends three days of her week working with segment producers.

The internship allows her to pitch stories throughout the week, take notes during red carpet events, the Grammy Awards and Oscars, and transcribe clips for the newest movie releases while working alongside producers.

Recently, two of the banners Kirkpatrick created made it onto the show.

It is not uncommon to run into a celebrity while going through Los Angeles. Kirkpatrick has seen many famous faces and even has experienced a few face-to-face encounters, including: the Backstreet Boys, Jason Kennedy from E! News, Taryn Manning from “Orange Is the New Black,” and Lisa Edelstein from “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce.”

“I try to be as professional as possible when it comes to celebrities. It is important to never ‘fan girl’ in front of them,” Kirkpatrick said.

In her free time, Kirkpatrick explores Los Angeles. She said she enjoys hiking and going to the beach. “Los Angeles has so many options,” Kirkpatrick said. “You can go skiing and snorkeling in the same day.”

After 2015, Kirkpatrick plans on returning to APSU for graduation, then hopefully back to California for a career.

“I am trying to make as many connections as possible here,” Kirkpatrick said. “I am networking, talking to people and really making the most of my time.” She also is applying for the Page Program offered through NBC.

Instead of focusing on a specific career like other students, Kirkpatrick said it is difficult for her to pick one, because she is passionate about many areas in broadcast media. “As for now, I am pursuing a career as a producer for entertainment television production,” Kirkpatrick said.

Before her internship in Los Angeles, Kirkpatrick had previously worked with CMT, “The Today Show,” “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Hunger Games.”

“I enjoy field producing the most,” she said.

In the middle of all the entertainment and opportunities, Kirkpatrick also finds time to plan for her upcoming wedding in October to fiancé Jacob Sexton.

Music, talk shows, live events, “The Voice,” Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen are just a few examples of the entertainment industry icons that inspire Kirkpatrick.

Kirkpatrick said her biggest inspiration and supporters of her dreams, however, are her parents.

“I cannot say one negative thing about my mom and dad,” Kirkpatrick said. “I want to one day give back to them what they have given to me. I would love to support them financially one day, but ultimately, I want to make them proud. I am so thankful for them.”