» By Emily DeSpain

Staff Writer

The Foy Fitness and Recreation Center is offering a new class for its resident health nuts: Rockin’ Yoga.

It’s joining the family of yoga classes offered by the Foy, including Vinyasa, Power, Relax & Restore and Gentle.

Rockin’ Yoga is held Tuesdays at 5 p.m. at the rock wall in the Foy and taught by David Owen.

“If you’re a climber looking to improve your skills, Rockin’ Yoga builds strength in your shoulders and opens up your hips. Even if you’re not an avid climber or you’ve never done yoga before at all, you’ll benefit from the strengthening this class brings you,” Owen said.

Rockin’ Yoga focuses on your shoulders and hips, but also incorporates universal yoga qualities such as deep breathing and stretching the spine and muscles.

Upward facing dog, downward facing dog, plank, warrior, cobra and crow poses, among others, are all used in this class.

“It’s not just a workout, it’s relaxing, too,” said freshman Grace Gordon.

Rockin’ Yoga helps climbers to strengthen the parts of their bodies needed to help them climb with ease and also helps nonclimbers with strength and balance.

“[Owen] doesn’t force us to do anything,” said freshman Alyssa Clauser. “He’s focused on how our bodies want to work.”

Owens ends class on Tuesday, Sept. 2, by saying, “Yoga is a lot of different things to a lot of people. I teach everyone from young beginners to professionals, and every person can get something out of a yoga class.”