This summer, APSU lost Tristan Denley to a job as the Vice Chancellor of the Tennessee Board of Regents.

He served as the provost and vice president of academic affairs since 2009.

As a provost Denley served as the academic administrator for APSU, supervising curricular and research affairs.

Denley has accomplished many things in academia including serving as the chair of mathematics at the University of Mississippi and holding down positions in places such as Sweden and Canada.

President Hall explained that his leave might have been sudden, but for good reason.

President Hall said that Dr. Jaime Taylor, who was the dean of the college of science and mathematics at APSU, has taken the position of the interim provost.

Dr. Taylor has been with APSU since 1996 as part of the faculty, but he was originally here as a mathematics and physics student in the 1980s.

Taylor is temporarily assigned to replace Dr. Denley for the school year, but a new provost has not been permanently chosen yet.

“Hiring an interim is very common, especially when someone resigns very quickly,” said President Hall.

At the end of this fall semester or the beginning of the 2014 spring semester, a committee will be put together by President Hall to conduct a national search for APSU’s new provost