»Diona Gardner
Guest Writer

In the spring of 2013, APSU began offering three-year bachelor’s degrees and “3+1 year Bachelor’s to Master’s” programs.

The three-year Bachelor’s degree is available in several different areas of concentration including art, business, communication arts, computer science, english, health and human performance, history, Mathematics, philosophy, political science, psychology and theatre.

The 3+1 year Bachelor’s to Master’s degrees are available in communication arts, corporate communication, public relations, and business.

APSU offers accelerated degree programs by implementing heavier workloads, as well as utilizing the under used summer session. Course loads during the fall and spring semesters are scheduled anywhere between 16 and 22 credit hours while the summer sessions can be between six and 18 credit hours. Scheduling varies based upon the area of concentration.

Offering the three-year bachelor’s degree allows APSU students to graduate sooner than a four-year degree and spend less money paying for their degree.
Students, traditional and non- traditional, now have the option to pursue their career cheaper and sooner. Graduating faster will also help cut the amount of debt students accumulate.

In an APSU press release, provost and vice president of academic affairs, Tristan Denley was quoted stating, “At APSU we are committed to finding ways to help our students successfully complete their degrees. Sometimes that means creating new pathways to success. These dozen degree pathways will provide accelerated academic tracks for those wishing to expedite their education. We are also ever watchful of the cost of higher education. The total tuition cost to follow each of these new paths is also less than following a path that takes four or more years.”

Although the workload for the three-year degree is significantly heavier, students have the potential of jumpstart their careers earlier and of saving thousands in debt.

For more information on the Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree completion or the 3+1 Bachelor’s to Master’s program or to view the complete list of degree concentrations available, visit apsu.edu/academics.