APSU’s Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Stephen Dominy has been appointed to a national committee that oversees fraternities and sororities in the U.S. and Canada.

Dominy was appointed to the National Panhellenic Council’s, or NPC, Fraternity and Sorority Advisory Committee which is comprised of fraternity and sorority advisers from colleges and university campuses across the U.S.

NPC, one of the largest organizations advocating for women, is the umbrella group for 26 national and international sororities located on almost 700 campuses in the U.S. and Canada.

Dominy said he strives to assist students with utilizing resources to develop and elevate their fraternal experience while enhancing the community at large.

Over the next two years, Dominy’s appointment will afford him the opportunity to enhance some of the resources available to him at APSU.

According to a press release from NPC, his new position will make him responsible for providing the NPC with “insights, perspectives, opinions and comments on current campus trends,” in addition to being a brand ambassador for NPC.

The Fraternity and Sorority Advisory Committee works closely with the NPC and their newly appointed Executive Committee, which includes Executive Director Dani Weatherford and the Indianapolis-based NPC staff.

According to Weatherford, the FSA has become a key component to meeting the terms of the NPC’s mission of promoting values and ethics in women’s fraternities and encouraging members to be active and responsible leaders in their communities.

“Welcoming our new advisory committee members continues a tradition that allows us to have even more targeted conversations with the fraternity and sorority advisers on campuses around the country and gives us insight and perspectives that are vital to meeting NPC’s mission of advancing the sorority experience,” Weatherford said.

Dominy also serves as the co-chair for the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education Fraternity and Sorority Knowledge Community which “provides a forum for organizations and professionals working with fraternities and sororities to discuss the ideas and issues that can advance the field,” according to the organization’s website.

Dominy has served as APSU’s Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs since February 2014.