On November 19, APSU worked with St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money for cancer research. According to St Baldrick’s’ official website, approximately 175,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year.

APSU’s Govs Go Bald event raised a total of $5,286 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Out of the 40 participants, there was only one female who decided to shave her head.

Christina Hunter, nontrad medical laboratory science major, shaved her head for the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation after raising $200.

Before majoring in medical laboratory science, Hunter said she’s done Cosmetology for 11 years, but sees it more as a hobby than a profession. She has done hair for 11 years, but won’t be missing her brunette locks.

“To me, it’s just hair,” Hunter said.

Hunter and her husband have two sons. Between school, work, and being a mom, she had to give up her job in order to be at home with her little ones.

“I’m really surprised more females didn’t participate, I see it as a maternity instinct,” Hunter said.

After Hunter shaved her head, she picked up her 3-year-old from daycare.

As Christina raised money, she didn’t mind if people didn’t give a lot as long as they knew about St. Baldrick’s Foundation and their cause.

“It’s more about awareness,” Hunter said.

Hunter brought her cup to all her classes, encouraging students to give whatever they could. Her mom paid $100 to the cause, the rest was donated by students and friends. When she has $50 to go, she loomed a yellow beanie with pink ribbons to keep her head warm during the winter.

As far as Hunter’s morning routine, she has a lot more time to herself. Now that she cut the time to do her hair in the morning, she can now do makeup instead. She says her mornings go a lot more smoothly, and saves money on shampoo.

“I can’t stop rubbing my head,” Hunter said.

The only problem Hunter has encountered are the strange looks around campus. She just wants people to know she shaved her head for a great cause.

“I wish people would ask me instead of looking at me funny,” Hunter said.