Hello lovelies! My name is Jordan Privitt and I am the blogger behind “Let’s Be Honest.” I am so excited to be able to write this blog and to share not only my ideas, but also some information about things that are going on around Clarksville. Much of what you read on here may seem sort of abrupt: hence the title, “Let’s Be Honest.” I am looking to make this blog one that readers can look forward to every week. I want this blog to be the place where you look if you not want the sugar coated version of a story; this is where you find my brutally honest opinions.

However, before we can start this journey of honesty, I need to be honest with you and give you some insight as to who I am and why I am making this blog. As I said before, my name is Jordan Privitt and I am a junior here at APSU. I am an English major and a Film minor; I am hoping to go into screenwriting. I am highly involved with the Governor’s Own Marching Band and with various other organizations in the school. I recently just finished up a semester in Disney World where I successfully completed the Disney College Program.

The reason that I titled this blog, “Let’s Be Honest,” is because I am all about honesty. Brutal honesty is more of how I categorize it, but either way, you will always hear the truth from me. I am that type of person that no matter how bad it may hurt your feelings, I will be honest with you. Because of all this, I have chosen a title that fits me well.

So ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the journey that is about to occur. It will definitely be an honest one.