APSU’s Tau Phi chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity registered more than 500 students to vote with their “A Voteless People is a Hopeless People” voter registration drives in September.

APA President Tikehe Peoples said it is important to be involved in elections.

“If people want effective change in legislation, their voice should be heard through voting because the candidates should be able to impact the communities,” Peoples said.

APA held the drives on each of the four Tuesdays in September from noon to 2 p.m., registering a total of 505 voters.

The registration drives were initially started in 1930 by the national APA fraternity to increase registration among minority citizens.

These registration drives are one of the four national programs APA sponsors, the other three being, “Project Alpha,” “Brother’s Keeper” and “Go to Highschool, Go to College.”

According to Philanthropy Chair for the Tau Phi chapter Artrice Pray, the Tau Phi raised $2,903 with their “Stroll like an Alpha,” event — more money than was raised by any other APA chapter in Tennessee, according to Pray.

“The Tau Phi chapter, along with our fraternity, will continue to lead the way and encourage others to join us in the fight of preparing our generation for the road ahead,” Pray said. “This starts with registering citizens our age to vote. Our hope is that this will cause a chain reaction and influence others to do the same.”