This is definitely not an argument for any one conferences’ dominance of the rest of the conferences. This is more of an argument that parody has taken hold of NCAA DIV 1A football.

I listen to sports announcers everywhere declaring the Southeastern Conference as the strongest conference in college football, and even worse, that Alabama is by far the best team in college football.

Once upon time, the SEC supporters would say that teams in the SEC beat up on each other and that’s why they couldn’t get a team in the NCAA Championship. Now that the SEC has claimed more than its fair share of NCAA titles, their apologist just will not be quiet.

I don’t like to place an entire argument based on one game, but this one particular game just made me stand up and say “really now.”

Last season, Texas A&M was in the Big 12 conference, but not just that, they dropped out of the top 25 ranking in the ninth game of last season in the Big 12 conference. Get this, a non-top 25 Big 12 school moves to the SEC and beats, with authority, the great Alabama Crimson Tide. We are talking about a school that left a conference they could not win going to the great SEC and beating the most dominant team in the “most dominant conference” in college football.
I am not saying that LSU, Florida, Alabama and Georgia couldn’t succeed in the Big 12, but I am saying the SEC is not any tougher than a lot of these other major conferences. While yes, any given Saturday, any team can be ready to play more than its opponent, but that very same argument can explain the SEC’s NCAA championship’s.
The Oregon Ducks aren’t even given a chance to win this year if they play Alabama. This is Oregon’s resume:

  • 2010 They play for the NCAA Championship and lose to Auburn.
  • 2011 They were ranked 3rd behind Alabama and LSU
  • 2012 They are ranked #1 in the AP and Coaches Polls, and 2nd in the BCS rankings.

If my team was playing this PAC 12 team, there is no way I would allow anyone to overlook their talent. Even if I was an SEC team.