When I saw the announcement on our university website stating the “College Republicans and Sigma Phi Epsilon were hosting a benefit dinner to honor our veterans of the armed services” on Nov. 10, my heart was overcome with appreciation since my husband is a disabled veteran.

Then, when I saw who the proceeds were going to, I was shocked. The proceeds are going to the Veterans of Foreign Wars?

I was curious as to why the VFW was reaping the benefits of this dinner when all the sales of food and alcohol and annual membership dues seem to be financing their causes pretty well.

My husband is a member of one of the local VFWs. They bring in quite a bit of money.

APSU College Republicans President Mike Jenkins explained the Commander of the VFW #11160 on Lafayette Road would be receiving and distributing the money collected to the VFWs in Clarksville.

If the College Republicans and Sigma Phi Epsilon want to raise money for or help our nation’s veterans, why don’t they donate their “proceeds” or volunteer some time to the Wounded Warrior Project or Operation Once in a Lifetime?

Both of these organizations are non-profit organizations that help soldiers — active, retired, or veteran status — with many different aspects of military life, including transitioning from combat to civilian life or learning how to live with a disability.

The Fisher House at Fort Campbell would also be a good choice since it assists families of soldiers in military hospitals with low to no cost lodging.

I am not saying helping the VFW is not a worthy cause. I just think helping a non-profit organization would be more beneficial to our community, especially with Fort Campbell being in our neighborhood. TAS