So, picture this. You’ve just graduated from college, and it is one of the happiest days of your life. This is the day that years of attending class, midnight study sessions and agonizing over essays has led to. It is the end of a phase in your life, but as you are celebrating your achievement, someone asks the question that you cannot answer: So, what’s next for you now? Got any great jobs lined up?

You start to sweat a little; graduating was hard enough, and it took so much time. Now people are asking about the future, already? You don’t know how to answer, so you awkwardly make the ‘it’s a surprise’ joke that you know has been told a thousand times. Because, the truth is – you’ve got no idea. You are pretty sure you do not want to stay at your current serving/sales rep job forever, but you don’t know if you can locate the half-finished resume document on your computer at home, or if you ever even got past putting your basic information on it. Then there’s applying to jobs, personal statements and interviews; it all just seems so overwhelming.

That is why I am excited to introduce Adulting 101, a college student’s guide to getting the job. Each week we are going to talk about one major topic related to getting a job outside of college, and speak with industry professionals to see what they are looking for in an applicant. Make sure to check in on Mondays for answers to all of your professional questions!