Managing Editor, Jennifer Lindahl, shows her Govs Pride during transfer student orientation. She is excited to welcome everyone to Austin Peay for the Fall semester. JENNIFER LINDAHL|THE ALL STATE

Dear Students, Faculty, and Readers:

As the managing editor, it is an honor to welcome you to The All State as we start our 92nd year of publication and to welcome you to Austin Peay State University. 

The All State is an online publication that is student-run with the guidance of our faculty adviser. It serves as a staple for all APSU-related news on and out of campus. 

I serve as a Transfer Student Leader for the Adult, Non-Traditional, Transfer Student Center here at APSU. This past week, the ANTS Center hosted an event called “Find Your Class” for all the incoming transfer students. 

We led the new transfer students from building to building to help them find their classes for this Fall semester. One of the students complimented my knowledge about campus and said that I have a passion for telling the ins and outs of APSU.

That student was not wrong at all.  I have been a student here for three years now. Every year my experience gets better, and I learn more about campus when I did not think there was much more to learn. Joining the staff at The All State has been an outlet for me to tell the stories of campus and the people who make APSU what it is today. 

The amazing staff of The All State and I are committed to keep you up to speed with all of the latest news and happenings around APSU and I hope that it sparks you to feel the love that we feel about APSU. 

Have a wonderful year and, as always, Go Govs!


Jennifer Lindahl 

Managing Editor