Hello my little chickens.

It is that time of year again folks. No, I am not talking about Christmas. Although, it cometh.

The “time of year” I speak of is the unspoken part of college. In t-minus three weeks, college students all around the lands will be batting down the hatches to prepare for the most stressful time of year:


The week that leaves us shook, damaged, and sweaty. And highly sleep-deprived.

If there is one thing I have learned in my few years of college thus far, it is that you will never be able to prepare as great as you want to. I have learned to lower my standards, but that is beside the point. I am TOTALLY kidding, haha.

But here is what you really absorb from this:

College is one of the most incredible and crazy experiences. I like to compare it to a desert safari. Trying not to get killed by the nature of the college setting (can’t find the watering hole), all while dodging attacks from the professors and their assignments (a mama lion, perhaps).

All jokes aside this can be a time when the best of the best can feel helpless. I’m here this week to give some helpful advice.

Study in increments. 30minutes of studying, 10-minute break. Grab a snack, and do a few laps around the table.

  • Study in a quiet place for maximum focus, put on your headphones, put on some of your focus music and go to town.
  • Having a sweet treat for a reward is fine, but eating more sugar will decrease your energy.
  • Find a study partner to hold you accountable to your study goals.
  • ALL NIGHTERS ARE NOT WORTH IT. You will be too tired to do well.
  • Drinking water, and doing any amount of exercise in the morning is proven to increase productivity. Don’t believe me? Check it:



Some things you will learn as you go, and every finals week you’ll learn something new about what works best for you.

Don’t sweat it, a few tests certainly don’t define you- or your future.