By KRISTIN BRADEN | Guest Writer

In a recent interview with Matt Lauer, George W. Bush said being called a racist by Kanye West in 2005 was one of the most disgusting moments of his presidency. The comment made by West was in response to the hurricane Katrina disaster which devastated New Orleans, La., as well as other gulf coast areas.

According to West, some congratulated him on speaking his mind, but the comment had an enormous effect on Bush. As a response to the Bush interview, West appeared on “Today” where he apologized for his comment, even becoming emotional, although it seems West now has beef with Lauer. According to West, Lauer forced answers out of him when the rapper no longer wanted to speak about Bush.

One celebrity is too many when it comes to shooting off their mouth, declaring a lame apology, then turning around and shooting their mouth off again at someone else.

Actors, musicians, rappers and supermodels seemingly, at one time or another, suddenly transform into the most important person in our country and, at times, possibly the world.

Their opinion is heard loud and clear for months. But why are respected journalists and even the people who represent this country willing to give attention to entertainers who, the majority of the time, know very little about the matter being discussed?

Celebrities are human and have the right to share their opinion on a number of issues we face. However, the media and people in influential positions should not give these people all the attention they seek. They should not give a second thought and should instead, move on with their lives. Aren’t there far more important problems at hand than what a rapper or actor said about a particular issue?

Entertainers should have our focus when they are entertaining us or possibly helping a good cause. If they say something negative or are simply complaining about something, move on. There are certain celebrities that live for the spotlight and the drama that often accompanies it.

When the country, its media and even its leaders stay focused on these kinds people, it just fuels their superficial need for attention. Why invest emotions on someone who will only be complaining about something else by next week? TAS