10 average snow fall in inches for Nashville area

9.3 inches of snowfall in Nashville area since Dec. 1, 2010.

Snowy study tips

The library is closed on days campus closes for inclement weather, so print off your paper early.

Be prepared for the library to be closed if snow or ice is predicted.

If library is closed, the server is still available. Use library resources online.

Driving hazards

Know the conditions of the road.

Slow down.

Pay attention when you come to bridges and intersections.

Safely move your vehicle to the side of road if possible in case of an accident.

Keep a blanket and a first-aid kit in your car in case of an accident.

Distance your vehicle from the vehicle in front of you.

Don’t slam on the gas or breaks if you hit a patch of ice. Ease to a stop.

Car maintenance

What sort of car repairs are more frequent in the winter?

The most frequent car repairs in the winter are batteries and belts. The cold weather cracks the rubber on belts and makes batteries work harder to start.

How do you know if your belts and battery need to be replaced?

Cracks and high luster or shine on your belt and a squealing sound are good indicators that belts need to be replaced. If the car has trouble starting, then the battery needs to be checked.

Firestone offers a 10 percent discount on services and tires to all APSU students. Students need to show their student I.D. to receive the discount.

How to survive the grocery store before a winter storm

Do not write a check. You could start a riot.

Go to the hidden registers, if your grocery offers them, such as customer service or jewelry.

Forget grabbing your own shopping cart, grab the one that looks like it is already loaded for you. Just make sure no one has their hands on it.

Your stacking order should go from bottom to top, as follows: canned goods, bottled water, milk, toilet paper and then bread.

Designate each family member to a different item to put as much in one cart as possible.

Running out of time and items? Grab the hand basket. You can run better.