I have only had one adviser. She’s really good, always knows what she’s talking about and keeps me on track with the classes I need.”
Bethany Kavanaugh, junior secondary education major

My adviser hasn’t dealt with the issue properly. It doesn’t seem like advisers are worried about the students. It’s not a bad system, they just need to work on communication.”
Ashley Dao, sophomore psychology major

I have had a great experience. I actually have two majors. My two advisers are good about making sure I’m taking the right classes.”
Camille Dao, freshman chemistry major

Advisement is fine. If I have a question, the adviser will answer it. If not, then it’s quick and easy.”
Jaffer Ibrahim, junior computer science major

Advisers just basically tell you what classes to take and give you your PIN number. Advising is mediocre, it’s nothing extraordinary.”
Kelly Christopher, sophomore political science major

It has been great. My adviser has helped me so much this year.”
Sean Lowe, freshman biology major

It’s easy to change your major but once I switched my major, I’m having trouble trying to find the adviser I need.”
Michelle Clark, sophomore radiology technician major

I believe once a student is in the upper divisions, it is no longer necessary [to have an adviser].”
Tracy Kyles, junior radiology technician major