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VP of Legal Affairs to retire in May


Richard Jackson declared he would retire from his position as vice president of Legal Affairs and Strategic Planning. He has held this position since July 2005 and his last day will be Friday, May 13.

In Jackson’s stead, President Tim Hall’s plan is not a total replacement. The lawyer hired will provide advice and recommendations regarding legal matters, but the responsibilities of coordinating strategic planning and policy dissemination will be spread amongst the university council. This mode of handling the affairs is one schools have used before.

“The change is we won’t be including the strategic planning part [in the new job description] because the structure is changing. I expect in the future the provost will keep track of that portion,” Hall said. “Plus, the job of university council is big enough.”

Jackson said of his decision, “I don’t think there is a precise date [when you decide to retire]. But you begin to think about whether or not there are other things you feel you can accomplish in a different role. [It is] time to move to a different role.”

Jackson said he sees his retirement as a “period of introspection,” a time to assess his life thus far and discern what that different role will be as well as touch base with friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

As the first vice president of Legal Affairs and Strategic Planning, Jackson will be remembered for ushering in a new era of administrative involvement for the institution. “Richard’s tenure here has led us through a difficult time in APSU’s history in dealing with the reduction of resources,” said Mitch Robinson, vice president of Finance and Administration and colleague of Jackson.

“I will miss his council, his ability to provide his insight and how he looks at things with a different set of eyes. His perspective, I value that,” Robinson said.

President Hall also considers him to be an important advocate for diversity on campus. Jackson considers this his greatest accomplishment as he was in charge of a fund to assist African-American faculty and staff in furthering their careers and education.

“He has been a valuable council and vice president. I have very much enjoyed getting to work with him. I value his opinions and council and wish him continued success,” Hall said.

Two receptions will be held to celebrate Richard and his time at APSU. The first, on Monday, April 25, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the African-American Cultural Center, will be sponsored by the Association of African-American Staff and Faculty. The President’s office will hold the second reception Wednesday, May 4, in MUC Room 305 from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. TAS

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