With the holidays upon us, many do not consider the holiday season complete without gifts.

However, not everyone is able to provide gifts to their families and loved ones, which is why Santa may look a little bit different to New Providence Middle School this year.

The APSU students Veterans Organization is lending a hand to provide gifts to children in need and, in the meantime, playing the role of Santa.

Ryan Waldorf officer at large for the Military Student Center was the first to engage in this event.

His children attend New Providence Middle School and after learning about the angel tree that the school recently put up, Waldorf went to ask what the Veterans organization could do to help.

On the angel tree that New Providence Middle puts up every year, an angel represents a child and those that pull off an angel are encouraged to buy for the child items listed on that specific angel.

It is a way to get the community involved and to help provide a Christmas to those children that may otherwise not have one at all.

Waldorf went to the school to inquire about having the APSU students Veterans Organization help out, and at the next Veterans meeting it was voted to be the community outreach program of the year.

Waldorf explained, “In the beginning, we were able to take six angels off of the Christmas tree. We are now up to 23 angels.”

He went on to say the center has tried to take as many children available within the same family, because most are children in a four- to six-family household.

Waldorf goes on to say, “These are children with major financial difficulties and New Providence Middle School requires that when taking an angel, you provide the child with a shirt, pair of socks, shoes, pants and one item off the child’s wish list.”

The Veterans center is comprised of APSU students and they have done their best to take as many angels off the tree as possible in hopes to provide a Christmas for the children.

The center will be going to New Providence Middle School on Tuesday, Dec. 7, to deliver the gifts that have been purchased for the children.

They intend to dress in organization T-shirts, which are red, and wear Santa hats when passing out gifts to the children.
For more information on this event or if you would like to help with this event please contact the Military Student Center by calling (931) 221-6162, ext. 1685 and asking for Waldorf officer at large or Vice President Keith Messer. TAS