19; Thin Skin Exhibit; LeAnn Endsley-7 DONE

Senior art major Karla Tucker exhibited her work in a senior project showcase “Thin Skin” from Monday, March 16, to Thursday, March 19, at the Trahern Gallery 108.

The series implemented a collection of wax-encased photographs. The closing reception was held at 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 19, and was free to the public.

Amy Duncan, senior studio art major and friend of Tucker’s, said she appreciates how personal, yet relatable Tucker’s work is to anyone who has ever experienced self-doubt. “It inspires and sees beauty in things society might not value as beautiful,” Duncan said.

Tucker said she intends for her work to allow viewers to see into private moments and thoughts of the everyday struggle of self-esteem.

“A photograph is a two-dimensional image of the three-dimensional world,” Tucker said. “It’s framed from inside the camera, leaving the viewers to only see what the artist intended for them to see. As human beings, we frame ourselves and our lives in a similar way.”

Tucker is an artist living and working in Clarksville. Her photographs have won local awards, grants and scholarships. After graduating, she has plans to move so she can continue her studies in art and pursue a master of fine arts degree.

Tucker also has a love for art history that inspired the message behind the “Thin Skin” art exhibit.

Tucker said “Thin Skin” is about self-image, being yourself and the many different feelings people have. Out of the many pieces in the exhibit, Karla’s favorite was the digital, handwork, en-caustic piece “Burn Themselves Up.