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In this ever expanding digital world, it would only make sense that The All State would take strides to make a presence in the digital medium.

The All State has done this with the release of a redesigned website.

“We wanted to pick a theme that would be user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing to get more users online,” said Jenelle Grewell, editor-in-chief.

“Trends show that people get their news from the Internet, and we need to follow this trend.”

One feature on the new website that Grewell believes will help drive more users to the website is the social media aspect.

The new website gives readers the ability to comment on the stories, share through Twitter and “like” on Facebook.

Grewell said social media plays a large role in reporting the news and having features on the new website to expand social media is a smart move.

David Hoernlen, online editor, said “As technology is ever expanding, we as a printed publication need to expand our business model to support the advancements in society.

Our entry into the online medium with the new website is our first step toward our commitment towards providing the APSU community with news.”

The new website has the ability to feature stories in a carousel which rotate on the front page and also allows The All State to divide stories into different pages based on their section, for example sports stories will go on a sports page, features on a features page and so on.