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Women still have a long way to go for rights

»Ronniesia Reed –Assistant Perspectives Editor The battle for fair treatment in the workplace has been a long one for women. When it comes to jobs, women sometimes get the short end of the stick. From being judged and stereotyped to earning less money and rewards, in some cases. It just ...

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Nursing professors tell importance of checkups

–shamilton10@my.apsu.edu While a common belief is that women’s wellness exams are only necessary for those who are sexually active, medical professionals beg to differ. “I think it’s extremely important for your health to get regular exams and routine care, not just for your current health status, but for things you ...

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We Can Do It! Women’s and gender studies department celebrating diversity since 1970s

–lsapp@my.apsu.edu The APSU women’s and gender studies department helps prepare students for the negotiation of conflicts which may arise in either their personal lives or workplaces. According to Jill Eichhorn, associate professor of English and coordinator of women’s and gender studies, “The power dynamics between women and their role in ...

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Obama moves U.S. forward

» RYAN WHIPKEY APSU COLLEGE DEMOCRATS PRESIDENT Guest Writer Many people are getting interested in whom to cast their vote for and may feel overwhelmed. I believe there is only one choice that will make our country stronger and that is to vote to re-elect President Barack Obama for another ...

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Candidates’ wives relate to voters

» Ronniesia reed –rreed24@my.apsu.edu When it comes to the 2012 election, there are many factors that affect people’s decision on who they will vote for. An important attribute of the president we decide to elect is the spouse standing beside him or her. The first lady does have an impact ...

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