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The Business of Hacking

The word ‘hacker’ often conjures the image of a 30-something year old man, possibly donned in a fedora, hitting away at a computer in his parent’s basement. He’s doing minor things- maybe changing every noun on his school’s website to something vulgar, taking another celebrity’s nude photos, or at the ...

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APSU student interns at Vanderbilt

College students have many opportunities during summer semester: visiting family, suntanning and binge watching TV. A great way to get work experience, however, is a summer internship. Shelia Johnson, an APSU chemistry major with plans for a doctorate after graduation, is gaining experience in the medical field. According to a press ...

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Modern technology harms intellectual growth

Without search engines, most students would be lost when it comes to school assignments. With so much information available at the click of a mouse, college students are defeating the purpose of research and ultimately damaging their intelligence? Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others give college students ...

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Degree Compass adds My Future technology

–dhunter8@my.apsu.edu A new feature was recently added to APSU’s OneStop called My Future. The new program will work with Degree Compass (a popular feature on OneStop that helps students pick what classes they should sign up for) in helping students with their future in college and after college. While Degree ...

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