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Timmerman engages his readers in discussion

Have you ever been able to ask an author a question? Well, the Peay Read program did just that when they brought author Kelsey Timmerman on campus. This gave students a chance to ask him questions in an intimate setting before the speaking engagement at the Foy Center. The Wilbur ...

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Kelsey Timmerman gives Peay Read discussion on ‘Where am I Eating?’

"Where am I Eating?" Peay Read

Kelsey Timmerman, author of 2016’s Peay Read book “Where Am I Eating?”, spoke about his world travels and how the U.S.’s reliance on food imports affects foreign workers at the Peay Read event on Thursday, Sept. 29. In his speech, Timmerman said students should stop and think about the food they eat every day, the people who made it and how we can help raise their ...

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Volunteers discover where their food comes from

Do you know where your food is grown, or why we have strawberries available all year? This year’s Peay Read is trying to educate students on the ramifications on having exotic produce available virtually at all times. As part of the Peay Read program, students were tasked with coming to ...

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Speaker Moore caps off freshmen Peay Read

» By Corey Circello –ccircello@my.apsu.edu The Peay Read is an event based around a book chosen by the Peay Read Committee, which is made up of professors, staff and various members of the Clarksville community. “The Peay Read takes a full year to get set up. We, as the committee, ...

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