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Take it from me, I read stuff on the internet

I know that when it comes to reading about music online, #PluggedIn is your #first #choice, but it’s good to get a variety of viewpoints on a subject when you’re forming your own opinions. After all, getting opinions on music or any other topic from one source would be like… ...

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Underground vs. mainstream: Who gives a $&@#?

Photo courtesy of Swans’ Facebook Page. Recently, the trend in some musical circles is to glorify artists only because the band themselves, their mothers and a handful of other people are aware of the artists’ presence, but then to stone other artists because they “sold out” by becoming more popular. ...

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Doom Metal, Comedy Rap and Werewolf Pizza Party Squeek-Punk

So, Bandcamp is a thing. A pretty big thing, too. It’s a website where budding artists and veterans alike can go to share their creations for a price the artist decides, like this seven second track that you can purchase for the low price of 1,000 USD. But it’s a completely ...

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